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These guidelines are meant to provide a framework for the running of the band and to be a guide to the Band’s expectations of its members. By having an understanding of these guidelines, members will be able to get the most out of rehearsals, create the best possible performances, and participate in an enjoyable community of fellow musicians.  


2. All band members are expected to attend rehearsals as often as possible, arrive on time, and participate fully in the work of preparing band selections for performance.  Attendance will be taken at the start of each rehearsal.  Members unable to attend should inform the conductor or a member of the Board.  

3. If multiple rehearsals are missed, it will be left to the discretion of the band director whether or not a member will be allowed to participate in upcoming performances.  In the case of continued unexplained absence, the Director has the option of removing the member from the organization. Normally, the Band will reach out to a non-attending member before assuming that the individual is no longer interested in participating.

4. Band members are expected to practice the music at home and to come to rehearsals prepared to play to the best of their abilities.  If unable to attend a rehearsal, they should take steps to find out what was missed in order to be prepared for the next rehearsal.

5. Any member who must miss rehearsals for more than a month, or who cannot play an upcoming concert, or decides to leave the band, must return all folders and music belonging to the band.

6. The Brookline Community Band puts an emphasis on teamwork and mutual respect. It is expected that members arrive on time and will refrain from talking and using cell phones during rehearsals.  

7. Designed to work as a team, the Brookline Community Band encourages all members to participate in every aspect of the band and to feel welcome to voice suggestions or concerns to the board.  All members are encouraged to run for positions on the board and to participate in band management.   

8. Income for the band comes from our performances and from contributions from members and others.  Band expenses include the conductor’s stipend, supplies, advertising, equipment and instruments.  Each year, dues will be collected from every member who is able to pay. The amount is set by the Treasurer on a sliding scale, announced at the beginning of the season.  Dues are non-refundable, should a member not remain with the band.  Additional donations are also appreciated.  A full financial statement for the BCB will be available from the Treasurer upon request.

October, 2022

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